Things Come Apart

Our very first assignment of the class “Hacking and Building” was to find and item and disassemble it. While dismantling the item we were expected to document the entire process. 

The item that I choose is a Sony Boom box

Materials Needed: In order to deconstruct this boom box you will simply need a standard size screw driver with a long stem. 

Alight! To begin dismantling the Sony Boom Box, you must first remove the shell. This can be accomplished by removing the screws along the out perimeter. There are small arrows that point to the location of all the screws.  There are a few tricky screws to find, such as the sets under the  covers of the CD and Cassette players as well as underneath battery cover.

Once you have removed all of the screws from the shell of the boom box you should be to lift the cover of the boom box. This will reveal many wires some that connect the upper lid to the lower to disconnect these wires simply pull them out of their square sockets., highlighted in red.

Once you remove the upper lid from the bottom you can then  remove the screws the front panel this will dismantle the speakers, front screen and the bottoms.

Side note the speakers are magnetic. How cool!

When you turn the back panel over you can then remove the screws from the converter. This is where the length of the shaft of the screw driver is rather important because  you wont be able to remove them otherwise.

You can continue to remove the screws from the top panel and this will remove the cassette player as well as the CD player. Once you remove the cassette player the buttons will simply fall out of place. 

I found the cassette player to the most interesting because of the way the gears changed once you pressed them.

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