Protoype of Personal App

List of Application ideas


  • Natural Hair Oil advisor


  • Natural Hair Care General Advice/Tips
  • Natural Hair Care Reddit Site
  • Natural Hair Care Styles

The Goal of My Application:

  • Provide an application that can suggest the best oils for your hair based on your hair type or hair issues

A User would visit my website if:

  • they wanted to properly moisturize their hair but wasn’t sure where to start their journey. They could also visit my site if they want to know if the products that they are currently using would normally be healthy for their hair.

Tag Line:

  • An app that helps you moisturize your hair naturally.

The Precedents of my concept

  • Shea moisture and Mane Choice used to have websites that explained to customers their hair types and recommended products to them.

The Issue with Precedents

  • The issue it with their website was that the customer was not being educated, Shea moisture didn’t take into account common issues that people with natural hair can have like Traction Alopecia or seborrheic dermatitis and shea moisture only recommended that customers only use their products.

How will I be Different

  • My application will ask about the hair type as well as the current health of the user’s hair to determine what will be suggested to the customer. I can also provide information that describes the use of the products that  I am recommending

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