My Ancestry DNA Results Are Here!

My DNA Results Are Here!

I received an email from that they have completed my DNA analysis and have the results of ethnicity!

Seeing that my results came in I felt overwhelmed with emotion that I even began to perspire due to the excitement! Once you click “Explore your DNA Results” the link brings you to and displays your results on a map as well as a chart. My results were so specific it was shocking! According to Ancestry, my DNA matches with those from the countries of Benin, Togo, Congo, and Ghana.

What I found to be most surprising is that they were able to match my DNA with African Americans in North Carolina which makes perfect sense since I have family in both Carolinas. Ancestry Never mentioned that they would be including this information so it was a pleasant surprise.

As for my Native American heritage, I wasn’t able to find any direct information on the website but through Ancestry’s family tree they were able to find a first cousin that lives in Virginia. I used that information and some “sleuthing skills” to found out that they are deeply associated with the Haliwa-Saponi tribe. Coincidentally the tribe is based within North-Carolina!


I can’t wait to take all of the information that this test has provided me with and really look at the different cultures of Benin, Togo, Congo, and Ghana. Maybe even one day I could visit 🙂


Overall I am highly satisfied with my purchase of a DNA kit from was quite simple to use and they provided me with a lot more information than I expected such as the descriptions of each country my DNA is associated with, my lineage in America and connecting me to the other people with similar DNA.

I you would to see the process that it look for me to get my results I have it linked here.

Tell me what  you think!

Would you be interested in taking a DNA test to know your Identity? Are there any other test you would like for me to try?

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