I Purchased An Ancestry DNA Kit!

This year on Black Friday I  finally purchased my DNA kit from Ancestry.com as a personal gift!

The Ancestry DNA Kit is very simply designed. Upon opening the kit you are greeted with a pamphlet of user-friendly instructions on how to use the kit. 

First you register your DNA kit online at Ancestry.com Next you collect your sample. Then you release the stabilizing solution in the same tube. Finally you send the sample out in a prepaid package. Within 6-8 weeks you will receive results online using the same login information that you created when you registered the product.

I am excited to discover what my results will be. My Grandmother of my mother’s side is from South Carolina and My Grandmother on my fathers side is from Jamaica. I am curious to know which African Tribes my family may be associated with as well as if my family has Cherokee Indian within their blood. This DNA test means a lot to me, due to slavery I sometimes feel that I don’t have solid information about my ethnicity. During the times of slavery, colonizers  invaded and captured the people of African Tribes. In an effort to create highly subservient  slaves the colonizers stripped the culture of Africans away. I am hoping that once I receive my results back that I will be able to reconnect and identify with my culture.  


Ugh 6-8 weeks is going to feel like forever. I can’t wait to receive my results.

Let me know what you think about your heritage. Would you be willing to take a DNA test to confirm it? What’s your relationship with your culture?

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