Salt Prints and Cyanotypes


by Venisha Henry


In my photography project “Arms” I set out to create more interesting shapes out of the body. I was influenced by Kyle Thompson’s Silhouette’s project but I also wanted to mimic Jen Nagel’s unfocused effects. As I looked through Kyle Thompson’s images I realize there was a similar feeling throughout his images. The consistent feeling is very calm, mysterious and spiritual. Jen Nagel’s also has a few series working that I greatly appreciate. They are unfocused images that tell a story. I really enjoyed the distortion of the shapes him his images. These two photographer’s influence me to create “Arms”.

As I progressed through my “Arms” project I began to put more attention into the arms of my subjects. I was very curious to see how the positive and negative space in a photograph can come together. It was intriguing to see the fingers of my subjects become unusually distorted because they were unfocused.  My images also have a very strong tribal look to them, I feel this comes from the strong hand gestures. Overall this project successfully allowed me to experiment more with non-traditional portraits. It was enjoyable to create interesting shapes through the use of silhouettes.

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