CUNYFirst Redesign

As a class, we were challenged to create a better version of CUNYfirst website.

CUNYfirst is a website that CUNY students use to access all of the needs of a typical student, such registering for classes, viewing your schedule and even keeping up to date with the current events of CUNY colleges.

Although CUNY has created a website that is accessible  to all of their students the website itself is cluttered and outdated. During my surveys 4 of the 6  people I interviewed complained that the site made simple tasks like logging in and paying your tuition difficult, agreeing that they would prefer a simpler interface.

“When you log-in to CUNYfirst the amount of information that you see is overwhelming”

“CUNYfirst makes it difficult to complete the simple task like paying your tuition”


After conducting interviews I  concluded that creating a mobile application would be the best route due to the overall convenience it would provide the users.

I have attempted to create a CUNYfirst Mobile application that will always allow users to have the functionality of the CUNYfirst website but in a simpler format.

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