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03-week Intermediate HTML

This week the tutorials focus on developing our skills to create forms These are the exercises: all-intermediate.html table-pokemon.html form-exercise.html We also were tasked with recreating a form from any chosen website. I choose Facebook’s sign up page. I create my own version using several inputs, which included, email, password, and radio. Using the email input […]

02 Week – Reviewing intermediate level Javascript

This weeks focus was to refresh our memory on how to use objects, arrays, and selectors. Here are the exercises we practiced. movie-db.js selector-exercise.js score-keeper.js Blog questions Why are arrays of objects such commonly used data structures? Give an example of how an array of objects is used on a webpage. Arrays of objects are […]

Week 01- Introduction to HTML

Blog Questions Describe the importance of the HTML “Boilerplate.” What the main parts? And what are they used for? The boilerplate allows for there to be structure to your HTML documents. The boilerplate has several parts including the doctype which helps the server to read the file as HTML, several tags including title, head, and […]