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Arduino Project

For our final Project in Hacking and building the professor gave up the task of using a basic Arduino kit to make almost anything, we would like. I choose to develop a self-driving car. My Arduino self-driving car is a project will be made by using a car chassis, four motorized wheels, and a few […]

Mini Arduino Projects

My professor assigned several projects from the Arduino Project Book this week. The projects within this text are designed to help people with no prior electronics experience develop the basic skills for the Arduino and it’s coding software as well. Project 1 Getting To Know Your Tools The purpose of project one is to introduce […]


For our second 3-D printing project we were assigned to take a simple object from our home and combine it with a 3-D printed object. For my Hack’N’Toy project, I opted to create a designer encasing for a speaker. I found inspiration for the design of the speaker case online. The texture of the design […]

Things Come Apart

Our very first assignment of the class “Hacking and Building” was to find and item and disassemble it. While dismantling the item we were expected to document the entire process.  The item that I choose is a Sony Boom box Materials Needed: In order to deconstruct this boom box you will simply need a standard size […]

Oiled Koils

What is Oiled Koils Oil Koils is a social hair care application.  I designed the Oiled Koils app with the intention that it’s users could seek out information about their hair and connect to others as well. The application was inspired by the lack of hair care applications on the market that cater the African […]

Visiting Barton’s Apple Orchard This Weekend

This weekend my friends and traveled all the way up the state to Patchogue to visit Barton’s Orchard where we enjoyed the best fall day ever! I was surprised by the number of types of apples available for me to pick! Barton’s Orchard is a family friendly orchard that has more to offer than just picking apples. There are […]