3-D Battery Dispenser

      If you’re like me you wait until a major event such as a blackout before you replace the batteries in your flashlight.  Imagine searching through the darkness to find your flashlight and then having to search through a junk drawer filled with other miscellaneous items such as pens, rubber bands, and even knives, simply to find two AA batteries.

Recognizing that this is a safety issue my aunt reorganized the batteries into there own separate draws. At first, this seemed to be a great idea but we still had the issue of the draws being a big mess. 

When given the task to create an item that would be cool if I could 3-D print an item that could actually be useful to the household.

So I thought how can I create a tool that would hold the batteries in a way that wouldn’t allow them the become an unorganized mess.

My initial thought was to make a small box that only held 12 batteries but then I realized well the containers that batteries come in hold 12 batteries and I always find a way to make a mess of that so maybe we should search the internet.  I searched the web and many of the sites recommended that I order them in similar ways. 

I then proceeded to thingiverse.com were I typed in battery organizer and therefore discovered the battery dispenser! It was this amazing cube that you can use that only allowed for one battery to be removed from the device at a time and it fits 6 batteries perfectly.


So I went to tinkercad.com to begin designing my own version of battery dispenser.  I based my measurements on that of Duracell batteries.  My designed need to hold 6 AA batteries and be able to dispense them.

My first attempt at 3d printing the battery dispenser, two of the sides broke off and left no support for the sides. The batteries also slide out of the dispenser which completely ruins the purpose of being a container.

For my final print, I was able to fix the lip that holds the batteries now they stay inside of the container! I made the sides of the container thicker as well to support the structure.

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