I was super self-conscience

My first few weeks of being at LO were very difficult. I had never been so self-conscience in my life. Although LO chooses me for a specific reason, I could not help comparing myself to the other XD interns. They were well-trained designers that knew about the latest Pantone colors. I, on the other hand, was trained very differently. My skills weren’t as refined and I basically saw my self as the jack of all trades but master of none.

It wasn’t until we sat down to do our first project that I discovered why I was chosen. Although the other XD interns were trained indesign they weren’t as familiar with XD processes. I will admit that it gave me great comfort to finally be to teach my cohorts something new. After learning this information I was filled with joy that I too processed useful information and it gave me a sense of purpose during our first project. 

As we began working in a team, the other XD interns explained to me different ways I could improve my design skills. These women were so knowledgeable. They showed me websites that they use for inspiration such as dribbble. They also showed me how to make my wireframes more legible through annotations, since I am not the best artist. God knows my wireframes need HELP! 
I explained the different methods that you can use to discover insights,  such as interviews, usability tests, and affinity mapping. I believe that our lack of knowledge of certain things actually helped us to develop a great work relationship. 

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