Category: UX Design

Spotify Case Study

Venisha Henry: Researcher for Comparative/ Competitive AnalysisKayla Mendez: Content Strategy for Common Issues with SpotifyChelsea Davis: Visual Design of personas The Brief:Develop a new Spotify feature based on the user’s needs. Process: Develop a screener and in-person interviewsSynthesize data through affinity mappingDefine most-wanted common issuesCreation of personasCompetitive and Comparative analysis Design features Interviews:Of the twenty-four […]

Oiled Koils

What is Oiled Koils Oil Koils is a social hair care application.  I designed the Oiled Koils app with the intention that it’s users could seek out information about their hair and connect to others as well. The application was inspired by the lack of hair care applications on the market that cater the African […]

CUNYFirst Redesign

As a class, we were challenged to create a better version of CUNYfirst website. CUNYfirst is a website that CUNY students use to access all of the needs of a typical student, such registering for classes, viewing your schedule and even keeping up to date with the current events of CUNY colleges. Although CUNY has […]